Thursday, September 2, 2010

Strraight From My Notebook

27-VIII Lake Naivasha “There are few feelings like crouching in the grass on a wide landscape, creeping closer to a grazing Antelope, trying to ignore the distant roaring of the bathing Hippos, when suddenly you catch a glimpse of sharp black and white stripes gliding silently by you, almost close enough to touch; the feeling of being part of it all again, of belonging to a wilder realer world, feeling a little closer to home.” 28-VIII Hell's Gate “The sounds of the wild drift in on the breeze. The snorting Boar, the rutting Antelope, strange trillings and the snap of a twig as the Zebra pass. Looking out over an ancient gorge full of ghosts of Maasai Warriors and far-from-home Explorers, as stars wink and storms brush over the roof of Creation, and there’s no one else in all the world, a world that has never known loneliness. This is Africa.” 29-VIII Kenya-Tanzania Border "I’m now on a very bumpy dusty bus from Nairobi to Arusha, jumping and rattling down a red dirt road under the equatorial sun, passing cloud-crowned mountains leaping up from the red Serengeti plains, an occasional hut crowded with goats and color-clad women at a well peek through the thorny umbrella trees and disappear, and sometimes, if you watch carefully, a red-checkered figure almost as tall and thin as his spear treads his slow way over an ancient Maasai hunting path; lives and ages glimmer into sight, then vanish like frightened antelope into the dust and bush."


  1. Great imagery. You describe whimsical, fantasy that is still real. Add some more of what you put in the email to me also. The Czech clinic experience... This is good. It is short but as the notebook entries add up it will be a nice set of glimpses into the reality that you are seeing. I saw in your pictures the waterfall you all went through. How did that feel. Was the ground slipery like it is here. Is there moss or clay under foot or is climbing on the sandstone different? Just suggestions. What language are you running into?

    Good writing. Much love dad

  2. YES !YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! :) thanks for writing!yay we get to keep up with you. so jealous you got to be so close to a zebra! how cool! Def great imagery..i felt like i was there and i could reach out and touch it! i wish there were zebra running aorund in prague...could you imagine a zebra running across the charles bridge randomly?? crrrrazy! so if you hear of a loose zebra in prague i had nothing to do with! :) thanks for blogging and glad things are going well. still praying for you!

  3. verbal snapshots. approve. easy to digest, quick reads, and would go great with selected photos/a photo essay. more later...