Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New Plan! (Or Catch Me If You Can, part III)

     Over a year ago I posted a plan for the following year (if you’re interested in knowing if things went according to plan, see for yourself! Now it’s time for a new plan!
     The new center of gravity, unexpectedly and wonderfully, is Cèline, a wonderful French friend I’ve recently fallen completely in love with (it seems she‘s also managed to fall in love with me, so it works out well)! Her job as a history teacher has her tied to France for a couple of years at least, so perhaps it’s more accurate to say that France has surprisingly become the new center of gravity. Unfortunately France, along with almost all the countries of the EU, has recently made it very difficult for an American to live in their country. In short the process requires getting hired, for which your employer must prove that no European citizen can do the job instead, THEN returning to the states and waiting for the application to go through, which can take 3-6 months, and carries no guarantee of success.
     The exception is Germany, which allows Americans to arrive, look for a job, and start working while paperwork goes through, and then stay, easy as pie.
     That’s enough background to give the context of the plan, but each of these steps is the result of massive research, consideration, negotiations, twists, retwists, sub-plots, and puzzle-piece-pounding that has gotten the plan to the feasible state it’s in now. If you want to know more about motivations, rationalizations or even vague justifications or recommendations, just leave a comment!

-Present -Feb 2011: Finish my projects and travels in East Africa.
-March -May 2011: Return to Europe to spend time with Cèline, visit possible work/study locations in
France, CZ (can’t hurt to ask!), and mainly Universities and Language Schools in Western Germany.
-June-August 2011: Fly to South Korea and teach at an intensive English summer camp to save some money.
-September 2011: Return to Europe to prepare to start with the best opportunity that present itself before the summer, which will most likely be...
-October 2011- May 2012: ... studying at one of Germany’s many Master’s Programs taught in English, ideally in something along the lines of “Intercultural Communication” or “International Media.”
During the first year Celine will still be in France and we’ll be trying to visit often, though after the first three months I won’t technically be allowed to LEGALLY enter France...
-June - August 2012: Possible summer travel or work, depending.
-September 2012 - May 2013: There’s a strong chance that Celine will be able to transfer to Germany to join me, hopefully at least in the same city, for my second and final year of studies.
-June 2013 - 2015: Then Celine will be free to transfer to another continent for a few years, and we both want to experience living in a foreign culture together, so we’re eager to take advantage of this! The location for that hasn’t been discussed in any detail, but the sky’s the limit (literally, in fact, I don’t think the moon holds much appeal).

That’s what’s next in the life of Caleb! Drop me a comment, and please catch me if you can!!


  1. House, are you baiting me to comment 15 times like you did on my website? (which I do appreciate; your comments are great)
    Are answers to this post meant to be sent privately or here?
    I don't see why you are messing with Germany and hoping that you might end up in the same town. Why not start the ball rolling now for wherever she lives in France? You are a native speaker so wouldn't teaching English there be easier to get a visa? Wouldn't you just have to go home once, and that would be only if you got the visa?

    The real question is, does Celine have a sister for me? OK, a much older sister? Alright, an aunt? Um, a Great-Aunt? Do I have to send a shirtless photo like yours to get the ball rolling?
    Hmmmm, this might be more problematic than you getting a visa...

  2. Caleb, Sooo when should we come visit you? Some time in 2020? And what country? some plan. My bet is it will be changed in a year, but we will see. Have fun in the adventure.
    Much love,Dad

  3. Oh...Do you need some money for a shirt?
    Much love,

  4. FOSTER!! Welcome! No baiting intended, but feel free! ;-) I just love your Japan posts, probably because your experience in Japan is completely different than mine, but it's all still Japan. Getting a bit nostalgic... but that's just between you and me. Anyway, we both know post comments are like gold (in terms of rarity, probably not in value) so I wanted to express what I was thinking and encourage you in all the hard work you're doing for a great website!
    Dude, have you looked at the requirements for a long-term Schengun country visa recently? (of course not, when is the last time you stayed more than three months in one place?!) It's insanity. Everything changed in 2008. Except for Germany, new visa requirements suggest that the architect of the regulations is a HUGE fan of Joseph Heller! Even meeting the requirements is nearly impossible (Employers have to prove no European citizen can do the job their hiring you for, AND be willing to wait several months for your application process before you start work: English Teaching. Brits. ‘Nuf said). Then many people are still denied these days, some visas require a personal appearance when BEGINNING the application, etc. Germany is easy. Also, Celine will probably be relocated to another school in April, to somewhere in France, after I’ll need to already be applying, so we’d likely end up in different cities anyway. So, that’s why! Thanks for asking!
    She DOES have a sister 10 years older! Has two kids, boyfriend, and a pretty negative history with foreigners. But if you’re looking for a challenge I’ll do what I can! I’ll just start by showing the shirtless picture you’ve already posted, from 1985. Probably better that way, all around.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. That's what I usually expect from my plans, too, but my last 5 year plan went straight through for a good four years! We'll see!
    Germany, definitly, fall 2011/spring 2012.
    And thanks for the back-up, guys, I told Celine that definitely every American who commented on my post would add a jab about showing some skin. She didn't believe me! Ah, those innocent Europeans!

  6. Wow! Sooo much has changed since I last saw you in the States! Congratulations! And I am sure everything will work out fine since you seem to have the knowledge, courage, imagination and perseverance to always follow your heart and your dreams to wherever they might take you. Hope that all your endeavors are currently treating you wonderfully. Big hug and lots of smiley, happy, California, Chico, Fuzzy Vibes!


  7. Sabrina! yes, AMAZING what a few months can do, right? Yes, I've been incredibly fortunatee, and life has shown once again that darkness only brings in a brighter day, if you can keep your eyes and heart open.. How are you?hope your life is warm and sunny as well! :-)