Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Thoughts, May

-Do birds know that cats can’t fly, Or are they just relieved to not be followed into the sky? -Sometimes I feel like the only one who thinks that happiness and contentment ought not to be the highest goals of life. -Humanity’s greatest need is to stop needing anything beyond what we have. -The written word will never be able to compete with the spoken word. In print we all hear the words in our own voice, spoken in a way we would expect. Only the words spoken into our ears from an existence separate from our own allows the full power of the “other” to sink its teeth into us. -Rather than miss people who are far away, I spend much more time missing the people who are right in front of me. -When dealing with a captive audience, the only thing that counts is the ending. -Having no one to rely on by no means guarantees the development of self-sufficiency; the fires of loneliness and disorientation can destroy as easily as refine. But still it is immeasurably easier to find the strength within one’s self when there is nowhere else to look. When the dream-like possibilities of romantic salvation and heroic leaders whisper and reach out, it’s extraordinarily difficult to not reach back, regardless of all hard-earned understanding of the impermanence of it all.


  1. hmmmmmm...
    at even half awake, that made me think!

  2. Written word offers dominant and alternative reading on more levels than the spoken word does, but only when the words are spoken directly to you in a "deep" dialog (in which both partners are willing to use feedback as well as empathy) you can really have the full power you write about. And, on the other hand, one can train oneself to experience virtually the same when reading written word, it is hard, though, since you really need part of yourself to be distant to you.